Muscle Pi!

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6:00 AM
 So the conversation went something like this:
"Hey guys (me speaking to my kids)...Pi day is coming up
 and I want to do some funny pi related shirts...
any ideas for shirts you want?"
My 5 year old didn't hesitate..."Muscle Pi!"
(I am so glad he didn't say poop...he is totally in that phase)

This is what we came up with!
(if you are interested in copying have my permission...
I did the graphic editing myself...right click to save off!)
And he LOVES it!  Funny little guy!

 We had the Silhouette Cameo cut the shape out of Freezer paper
You could use an x-acto knife instead.
(but seriously, if you make shirts as often as me...
the silhouette is worth it's weight in gold!)
 Iron the freezer paper onto your shirt.
Use a USPS flat rate box in the shirt to keep the from getting paint soaking through.
(Plus, you can still use the box to send a package!)

 So then I ironed on the shadow on the inside of the arm.

 Used a stipple brush and white paint mixed
 with a little fabric medium...that helps keep it soft, instead of crisp paint.

 Peeled off the freezer paper while the paint was
 still damp and set the shirt out to dry!
 Success!  He is so funny.  He is super reserved most of the time...
but he flipped on the goofy switch for this photo shoot!  I love him.

Pi day is tomorrow!
Drop in for more fun ways to celebrate!

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