Doctor Who TARDIS Garden Planter!

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 Add a touch of fun to your potted plants!
Make a TARDIS for your little garden--your plants will love it!
 "You know the sound the TARDIS makes?  That wheezing, groaning?  That sound brings hope wherever it goes.  To anyone who hears it, Doctor.  Anyone.  However lost.  Even you."
 -- the Bad Wolf interface
 Add some color and whimsy and HOPE to a flower pot or rock garden!
Just add a TARDIS!
 I used one entire package of sculpey oven bake clay in Tardis Blue.
 And a 2 inch by 4 inch block of wood for a form.
(that way it's not solid clay)
I rolled out the clay super thin as I could.  1/8" probably.
 And wrapped the block tightly in it.

Smoothed it out...
 Added a top piece and a bottom.
 And then stacked layers on top to create the roof.
 Square after square!
 Then smoothed it out with a stick...

 Until it makes a triangular top.
 And the light on the top...
 Bake in the oven.
Most clay is to be baked 15 minutes at 275*F for every 1/4" thick.
Since that wooden block is inside, there's not much thickness...
just on top.
So I baked it for about 20 minutes.
 Let it cool and then painted it...
 Sketchy and whimsical...because being a perfectionist is never my thing.
 Perfect!  Love it!
Looks great in the front planter pot!
Next to my rock towers!
I love it!  Excited for some spring flowers to show their faces in there too!
Well, spring hit over the weekend.
So I hurried to get some flowers!  Pansies!

Pansies always remind me of Alice in Wonderland...

 Sort of creepy, but cute.
Anyway, I spray painted my old pots and planted some flowers.
Added the rock towers

and put the TARDIS in the pot on the front porch!
I love it when visitors recognize the Doctor Who stuff...
that's when I know we'll be really good friends! 

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