Coffee Filter Flower Tutorial!

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 Coffee Filter Flowers tutorial.
If you haven't made these should!
You will love them!
If you have made these should do it again!  :)

 They turn out so big and beautiful!
In any color you pick!

 To'll need coffee filters.
They'll set you back about 79 cents for 100.
This pack of 100 made 16 flowers for me.
 And some food coloring, water and a dish.
  Put some water in the dish...add some food coloring...
 Stack about 6-10 filters, fold them up and hold the center.
 Dip in the colored water...let the water start to absorb into the filter.

 About half way or so...

 Then open up and lay the stack on some wax paper.

 Repeat for the rest of the 100 filters.

 Let them dry completely.
I kept them out overnight.

 By morning they were dry and easy to separate the layers.

 Ready for crafting!
The color lightens up just a bit...but it still stays pretty vibrant.


 Let's Make Flowers!

 You will need scissors, stapler/staples, washi or
 masking tape, green pipe cleaners
 Start with 6 filters.  Each flower will use 6 filters.
Take stacks of 3's and fold them in half...

 And half again.
 Cut scallops across the top curve.

 Cut the second set of 3 a little bit smaller than the first.

 Then open them up.  3 larger then the 3 smaller on top.

 Fold in the center and pinch all 6 layers in the center...
with the small flowers on the inside.
Pinch the center into a point.

 Staple the center piece.

 So it holds it's shape like this...
 Open up the center, kind of laying it flat.
 Now simply separate the 6 layers, starting with the center one.

 and each layer after that.  Fluffing it up into the center.


 Until the full flower is fluffed!

Now the backside looks tightly pinched like this.
  Take some washi or masking tape and tape around it.
I used washi tape because it's cute!

 Wrap it around the stub once.
 Or staple on a pipe cleaner first...

 Wrap and cover with washi tape at the end.

 Or add a stem and cover with more washi tape.
The more you make, the more streamlined the process will become.
 Gorgeous right!?
Now you can give a bouquet of them to a loved one...
 Or make a million for a party!

 Come back tomorrow to see what I did with them!

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Wonderful idea!
I'm loving it!!!!
thank for your tutorial, i'll try to make this special flowers!
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