Super Hero Gathered Cape!

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6:00 AM
 Super simple Cape!
This cape is so easy and versatile.
It's reversible...and can fit practically anyone.

 I used a remnant of gold lame. (I know, right?)
Well, I don't remember how much it cost...but it was probably about a yard's worth of fabric.
Because lame doesn't fray, it's very easy to work with.
You could use any fabric though,
if it frays, you'd just have to hem the 3 other edges.
Sew down one edge about 2 1/2 inches.
Sew once by the edge and once across the center.
This creates a double casing.
 Then I used my bodkin (or a safety pin) and some 550 parachute cord...

threaded it in the top casing, and looped back through the lower casing.

Then I took more cord and went into the lower casing on the edge that had a loop.
Same thing in one, looped and back through the top.
 Then you can tie the loose ends off at both sides.

 Now, when you pull on the tied off ends,
it scrunches and gathers the fabric beautifully!
You can shorten the ties somewhat, since it's unlikely
 you'll need it completely stretched out.
 But the extra gathers gives the cape a perfect shape!
This cape is also reversible.  It would be black with gold lining!

 I made a fur collar out of a plushy headband ear warmer.
I just cut it in half, hemmed the edges and sewed a button and a loop of elastic at the corners.
 It was so simple, I forgot to take step by step pics!
It's cool enough to be a super hero cape!
Or very Kingly with that fur collar!
It would be a really cool Egyptian accessory too!

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