Roadside Rescue Aqua Chair Update!

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6:00 AM
 Roadside Rescue Chair!
This chair was gorgeous and on the side of the road.  Free.
Free is my favorite price.
It means that regardless of how pretty the wood is,
I can do whatever I want with it because I saved it from the landfill.

 Okay, it was pretty.
The wood would have been a major sanding, staining and refinishing project...
that I just frankly did not want to put the time into.
Which is probably why it ended up on the side of the road.

So I painted it.
Exotic Sea from Valspar.
It painted up nicely and hasn't chipped off here's hoping.

 I love it!
I wish I had a gorgeous front porch to put this on...
 Until the next move, it's in my craft room.

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Azshadella said…
That scroll work is gorgeous and not lost after the paint! I think it looks amazing!
Xayide2 said…
And you're sure it wasn't an antique chair? I think it was more of a copy, but I get nervous when people refinish furniture that is worth more untouched. Looks better with a new coat of paint on it.
Bottle Masala said…
I love all the shades of blue you have used in your various builds... fantastic job on each & every piece...