Aqua Mini Apothecary Cabinet Update!

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6:00 AM
 I love things with lots of drawers.
Apothecary cabinets!
Lots of little places to put things!
I got this little mini apothecary at a yard sale for fifty cents in 2010.
  It was white, chipped and dirty.
 I didn't have the whole "pop of color" attitude back then,
so I painted it and a tall mini dresser I got for $1, black.
I painted it on with a paint was flat and boring paint.
But I added little brads, that I cut off the prongs to, and glued them on the knobs.
 And it sat on my black desk for a couple years that way.
Used daily.  Filled with nail clippers, chapstick, postage stamps and little things.

 Then this whole world of color and spray paint hit me!
But I put off updating these for another year or 2...
I popped off these little brad pieces...which still look fabulous...
 And spray painted these little dressers Exotic Sea.
And they seem to be holding up just fine!  So yay!
I put a little e6000 glue on the brads and stuck them
 right back on the wooden knobs.
 Let them dry overnight...
And presto!

I just want a huge apothecary cabinet now...
seriously plotting.
 They have to be real drawers, no facades--or double drawers.
And I'd put a different knob on every single one.
I'm seriously wanting this now...I might just have to start
 drafting up plans to make one...

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