LEGO Minifigure Holiday Card!

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Let's talk Christmas.
All growing up my husband would get a LEGO set or 2 for Christmas.
As a teenager and now as an adult a LEGO set is still what he asks for.
So every year the kids and I get him a great set...usually Star Wars.
He'll open the box and put the whole thing together right there on Christmas morning.
My boys always get a few sets too...and my daughter--I love the girly sets!
My favorite part...the minifigures!
Who doesn't love those little people?
Do you buy the sets just for the minifigs?...I do.
Here's where my minifigure obsession can soar.
Design your own Minifigure Family postcard!
We all had so much fun with this creator!
 It's easy to customize each member of the family...
My 5 year old sat on my lap and did all the choosing...
making dad an elf.
Which makes total sense.
 And me...wearing a sensible cardigan...I guess a
t-shirt and yoga pants weren't an option.
 After you customize the people, you can pick a background and a message!
 After my son finished his card...I had to do my own!
It's seriously so fun! You can download I did.
You can post them to Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest
 Then I had my older 2 do their own...without seeing any of the others...
here's what my 11 year old son came up with:
 And my 9 year old daughter:
So, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my family to yours!
So much fun!
My kids are hurrying to finish up their school studies so they can play and create again!
(not gonna lie, you'll love it too!)
Make your own family postcard...share it and
hashtag it #MinifigureFamily so I can see them too!

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