Homemade Lavender Bath Salt

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6:00 AM
 Lavender is great for relaxing and calming.
True story, I was babysitting...a baby that did not want to be babysat.
After the little sweetie cried in my arms for nearly 20 minutes, I put a drop of lavender oil on the bottoms of her feet...instantly, she melted in my arms and cuddled with me.
Man!  I wish I had known that trick with my own babies!

Okay, so let's make some spa-rific lavender bath salts...so you can relax!
You'll need:
Mixing bowl
2 cups Epsom salt
20 drops of lavender essential oil

Pour in the salt...
 Add the oil right on top of the salt!

 Stir it up!
We added a tablespoon of lavender blossoms too...just for the look!

 We split up some into 4 inch baggies...
all secrets will be revealed at the end of the week!
 And keep the rest in this mason jar!
 Just add a tablespoon to your next bath!
(or your kids bath right at bedtime!)



Xayide2 said…
Fun! Except I really hate the smell of lavender. I'd pick something citrus. :)