Keepsake Military Memento Ornament!

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12:00 PM
Keepsake Military Memento Ornament!
 I was not raised in the military.
I didn't think we would ever go this route, but life happens 
and we decided it was best for our situation for my husband to enlist in the Army.
It's had its ups and downs for sure.
The biggest down is the rigorous training and deployments during the holidays.
There isn't much downtime. ever.
 That time we are reunited with each other is the sweetest.
It's truly all I want for Christmas.
I'm not a wimp.  I can do what needs to be done...but I didn't
search the world over to find my love just to be separated!
 To honor his first deployment,
I thought it would be fun to make a fill-able ornament.
I can fill it with bits and pieces of memorabilia and store
 it away with the Christmas decor for years to come.
I used my Silhouette machine to cut some copper colored vinyl.
 Got an 88 cent ornament at Walmart to put the vinyl on.
 Cut the separate vinyl sections apart.
Especially when applying to something round.
The vinyl will stretch where you need it to for the perfect fit.
 I started with the center words and applied them.
Then added the soldier.
(I like the toy soldier look rather than anything too realistic)
 And then for the other side.
 I put a patch inside it for now...
but I am sure after cleaning out some uniform pockets, 
we'll have other little things to throw in there.
Maybe even some little notes from the kids rolled into scrolls.
Kind of like a time capsule.