Doctor Who Cup-a-Soups Shirt!

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6:00 AM
It's like Cup-a-soups except you add time, if you can picture that.
Nobody can picture that.
Forget I said Cup-a-soups.

 Okay, the Day of the Doctor that came out on November 23rd was awesome.
Totally thrilling twists!
And loved the addition of Doctor No More (as we call him...or 8 1/2, I guess)
 Love the Matt Smith line about Cup-a-soups and thought
 we'd add it to a simple Tardis Tee shirt!
As always, personal use only...

Cut a tardis out of flocked white vinyl.  I love my silhouette cameo, btw!
 Iron it on.
 (I pick up these t-shirts at the Dollar Tree!)
 Cut out the words, in REVERSE on the cameo as well.
That way once it's cut out, and's reading the right direction.
This time in flocked black heat transfer vinyl.
 Iron on, remove plastic.
What is Cup-a-Soups?



Unknown said…
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elesa said…
You are my new best friend. Thanks for all the Doctor Whoyness!
elesa said…
I didn't even know flocked heat transfer vinyl existed. Do you use the Silhouette brand? I see they have some on Amazon. Is there a better place to get it?
Proverbs Mommy said…
Got a new Cameo a few weeks ago & my daughter has been begging me to find a Tardis to do a heat vinyl transfer... I thought I was going to have to get creative but I found this on my first search!!! You ROCK!!!!!!! She is going to be stoked!!!!