21 Homemade Teen/Tween Girl Gift Ideas!

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6:00 AM
 Do you have a tween or teenage girl
on your Christmas list this year?
Here's 20 fabulous homemade gift ideas to really wow them!

1 Custom Acrylic Necklaces!
Make a necklace with their name...maybe in their own handwriting! 

2 DIY Nail Polish!
Hard to find colors are easy to make!
Maybe give them a DIY Polish kit...
A few bottles of clear...a palette of eyeshadows and a paint mixing tray...
under $5!

3 Lego Earrings!

4 Fabric Flower Headbands!

5 Brooch Necklace!

6 Fabric Collar Necklace

7. Ring Displays!

8 Lace Collar Necklace

9. Stamped Penny Necklace!

10. Feather Earrings!

11. Anchor Bracelet!

12. Neon Bows!

13. Reversible Handbags!
This would be cute filled with things!

14. Monster Hoods!
What trendy teen wouldn't love a monster hood?
You could even just build a monster face onto a store bought hoodie!

15. Barbie Shoe Earrings!
Never too old for some Barbie!

16. Fingerless Glove Arm Warmers!
Super trendy and warm...made from dollar store socks!

17. Upcycled Tie Skirt!
If you have access to 30+ ties...this is awesome!

 18. Essentials Kit!
Easy to make...less than $1 each.
Fill with nail clippers, files, hygiene stuff, hair ties, meds, bandaids...

19. Stash Organizer!
How cute would it be to make this bucket bag and
fill it with smaller wrapped gifts?

20. Painted Shoes!
Using spray paint and acrylics, design the perfect pair of shoes!