Thor: The Dark World Crafts!

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6:00 AM
Today is the release of Thor: The Dark World!
Now, I'm not a huge movie goer.
Probably wont actually see Thor until he's out on DVD...
Did you know that Thursday is named after the god Thor?
Yeah, cool...maybe that's why Loki is so upset.
 But excited nonetheless!

Here's some ways to get your THOR on!
Make a winged headband!

Make Thor's Hammer: Mjolnir

Avenger's T-shirt!

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ziha said…
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ziha said…
Just like what i'm looking for.
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Colien said…
We've been to the movies last sunday. Overhere in Holland the release of Thor was last thursday, couldn't wait to see it. And I can tell you: it's a GREAT movie! It lasted almost 2 hours, but it seemed much shorter...
Love your crafts!