Doctor Who Magnetic Bowtie! #Bowtiesarecool

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2:00 PM
 My son loves the Doctor!
He likes to get dressed up to play...but has difficulty using a pin back bowtie.
And I don't want to help him put it on and take it off 6 times a day.
My solution:
The Magnetic Bowtie.
We made a bowtie...and then hotglued and hand sewed/tacked
 a magnet donut disc right on it!

 Then we just use a magnet on the underside of the
 shirt to keep the bowtie in its perfect place!
 He can do it himself and loves it!
 When he's not wearing it, it sticks on the fridge!
 He put this little outfit together himself! 
I'm so proud of my children of time.
How are you celebrating the Day of the Doctor?

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I'm so excited to have found all your Doctor Who ideas. My youngest (he's 14) wore a bow tie all day on the Day of the Doctor, his was a regular one but I love this clever idea for little ones. Bow ties really are cool!