Doctor Who Inspired Christmas Tree!

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6:00 AM
This Christmas Tree is cool!
If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I was dying to show you this!

 I scoured all of time and space to make the perfect
Doctor Who inspired Christmas tree...on a small budget!
I wanted it to be "Doctor Who Chic"
I found a bunch of blue sparkly mesh at the thrift store
and bought all they had for $1.

You might remember a couple months ago...on Be an Angel day,
that I had found this Angel Tree topper at Goodwill and started painting it.

So with our prelit colored light tree and all the blue strands of lights I could find...
I wrapped the blue mesh around the the inside of the tree to cover the skinny fake trunk.
Added the angel on top...and already it's looking great!
 I had a string of Tardis lights from Thinkgeek and some vintage Bubble lights.

We had some dollar store snowflakes (from the after Christmas sale last year)
We call it Memory Snow!  --They're silly!

After adding on all the lights, the tree is prepped for ornaments!
(we used loads of stuff from our Doctor Who party in September)
Like the plaster Tardis and Daleks.
It was easy to hot glue a ribbon or hook on the back of them and hang them up.

And any random angel found thrifting and painted gray and silver.

Don't blink!

These pom-pom adipose babies just needed hooks hot glued on them too!

Plaster stars and 3D glasses are the perfect touch!

We used some Air Dry salt make
some round medallion ornaments.
A straw to punch a hole...
 And cheap letter stamps to make fun phrases.

Dried and then painted Tardis blue!

Topped off with some bowties, stars and any blue ornaments...and of course some roses!

And for the sparkly pictures, I used extended
time exposure just like our light painting!
Happy Who-lidays!



Amanda said…
I love this! The angel you found for the top is perfect! I may have to add a few of these ideas to our tree this year and see if anyone notices - they already think I am Doctor Who crazy! :) The roses were also a touch of genius! ;) Thanks for sharing. Checking out your posts is a great way to count down the days until the Day of the Doctor.
Whit said…
Would you be willing to sell some of those plaster daleks and tardis? I would love to give ornaments to my husband and his fellow whovian f riends for Xmas
Whit said…
Forgot to hit the notify me button. Don't know if you saw my above post or not