Doctor Who GEEK Gift Idea!

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6:00 AM
Did you watch The Day of the Doctor yesterday?
I loved it!  I laughed, I cried and I screamed!
Gotta watch it again tonight!
Need a gift idea for Doctor Who geek?

 and they are perfect for gifting! 
They are food safe you can use them for other things!
I rolled up a custom T-shirt
And an adipose baby too...just for fun!

Other ideas:
Doctor Who Shoes!

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Kelli Davidson said…
yes, I watched it twice yesterday with my daughter - in fact, she wanted to watch it all day so from 7AM to 8PM Dr. Who was on at our house. Tomorrow night we are keeping our grandson so our daughter and SIL can go to the theater to watch the same Day of the Doctor in 3D. They are both looking forward to seeing the painting/moment in time thing in 3D. I often pin your things so my daughter can see them...she's a big ol' Whovian like you!
AmazingReagan said…
yeah it was awesome good gift idea!!

I think you should make whoflakes for the holidays!