#StickOrTreat Duck Tape® Pumpkins

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 #StickOrTreat Duck Tape® Pumpkins
 My 3 kids and I had a great time designing
 Duck Tape® Halloween Pumpkins this year.
This was instead of carving pumpkins...and I loved it soooo much more!
No mess.   Total creativity.  
Not limited by persons ability to cut through inches of squash flesh.
 With all the patterned Duck Tape® we have, 
I thought our pumpkins would turn out way different,
but my kids wanted to go totally traditional...and I love them!
 We picked up 3 foam pumpkins from the dollar store.
These pumpkins are hideous.  They are a sad excuse for a pumpkin.
 But with about 10 minutes and some solid colored Duck Tape®...
 She started with orange and covered the whole thing.
 Added green to the top...
This pumpkin becomes awesome!
It looks fun and whimsical...and full of personality!
(it really made me want to rush back to the dollar store
 and pick up a dozen more pumpkins!)
 She added a cute Jack-o-Lantern face in black...
 Totally adorable!
 My son wanted to do a bat.
So he started with solid black.
 He made sheets of Duck Tape® and cut them like wings and 
simply taped them on the sides of his pumpkin!
Added ears, eyes and fangs.  Perfect!
 And Hailee stepped back in to help the 5 year old make a skeleton head!
 Covered in white with black features!
 Perfect Halloween Decor!
Stick or Treat Contest is happening now!
Contest ends 10/31
Seriously, I wish I could enter.
Here's what you do.
Use Duck Tape® to create a pumpkin.
Take awesome pictures.
Link them up here.
Hope you win!--the prizes alone are worth trying for!
Here's the prizes:
First Place: $1,000 and a Cricut Mini® Personal Electronic Cutter
Second Place: $500
Third Place: $300

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