Photography Lighting Studio Tent!

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6:00 AM
 I got to review a fancy Photo Lighting Studio Tent!
How awesome is that?
It's from
It arrived quickly and was perfectly packaged!
And they offer FREE shipping on all UPS ground shipments!

 Simple assembly to put the lamps together.
And that giant 32"'s in that tiny black circle bag!
It pops up, has 4 colors of velvety material for the backdrop
 that velcro right inside the tent.

 The lamps are amazing.  They are powerful and subtle...go fig.
The light dissapates through the tent and makes it look bright and natural.
I think I need to redo about a million posts because I have this now!  :)
Look how much better this shot looks...
Compared to this...
 After using it, I felt foolish for not getting one years ago.
Seriously, if you are photographing things up close regularly, this is a must have.

Fun for play too!

Check out the website, there's a ton of different things!
YesComUSA is a superstore.  Everything from Tattoos to Auto Equip!
Loads of photography stands
 Unicycles--all colors!
 Tons of business stuff...
 Even Disco Balls!
 And I *MUST* get one of these Cotton Candy Machines! 
It's fun just looking around!