Paint Chip Bunting and Banners!

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6:00 AM

I love making these buntings!
These ones are really springy...but you could make them for any holiday or season...
best part is they are PRACTICALLY free!
 First, clepto a bunch of paint chip cards.
My kids were embarrassed when I took this many at once.
Awesome, they are already embarrassed by me!
I just tucked them in my purse while no one was looking.  :)

 I used some paper punches and cut out lots of flowers.
You could cut shapes or just do triangles!  Easy!
 Place one shape, hot glue it, run your twine over the top

 And press another one on top!  Easy--and reversible. 
No need to straighten or align the banner repeatedly!
 The more the merrier!

 Hangs easily on command hooks!
Perfect for any party or holiday!  Just change up the color scheme!
 You can scale it down and make it tiny too!
 These are some itty-bitty triangles!

 Doubled up and hot glued together!
 Add some skewers and...
 Party perfect!

 I am obsessed!  I want to make a bunch for every holiday! 
Purples, greens, black and orange for Halloween!
Red, Gold, Green, pink and lime for Christmas!
So many options!

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These paint chip garlands and banners are too clever and colorful. Can't wait to hit the paint aisle at...shhh! Don't want to let them know I'm coming ... Hahaha!