Neon Sharpie Hair Bows! Hot Glue Gun Week!

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 Make adorable and trendy NEON hair bows
or bowties!

 This is a great tween/teen craft project!
We did it at a Young Women (12-18) activity!

But my 9 and 11 year old did some too.
And as long as an adult is on the hot glue gun,
 any age kiddos can do this.
 We started with thin, non stretchy white material.  About 8 by 10-12 inches.
(you can do smaller, you will just get a smaller bow...)
Stretchy material would work, but you'll have to hold it tight while coloring.
You could use old t-shirts...sheets, tablecloths, whatever...
I'm all about recycling and free.

Use Sharpies or permanent markers to color on the fabric!
It's like watercoloring because the ink bleeds a little.

Any pattern you like!
And you only need to fill the center about 6 inches wide and 4 or 5 inches tall.
 The girls loved to do trendy patterns...
chevrons, arrows, anchors!

But one girl just scribbled all over hers,
 and really, it turned out the BEST!
 Here's where the bow comes in.
Place your fabric on the table...brightly colored on side facing down.
Begin by folding up one of the long sides to the center "line".
Run some hot glue across.
Fold down the top side, overlapping that glued piece.
Press together.
Zig zag some hot glue across the center (eyeballed).
Fold the edges in to meet in the center.
Gather down the center with a simple pinch of the fingers.
Wrap with some ribbon and hot glue in place!
Simple.  Here's the pics:

Great for any day of the week!
Hot glue a hair clip or a pinback on the back!

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Cute and easy! Easy stocking stuffer! Yes, I am already in Christmas mode!!
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