Easy Repair for Shoes using Hot Glue!

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6:00 AM
Okay, today is life changing!
Gluegun.com sent me something magical.
These seriously glue practically ANYTHING to ANYTHING!
So, I put them to the test!

Here are my sons sandals...recently ripped apart.
 They are cheap, but I couldn't just go buy new ones,
because it's fall now...no sandals in sight--even in the south...
So I tried this hot glue!
I covered that end with glue and used a metal cookie spatula
to shove that flap into the hole where it should have been.

 Then pulled back and filled that gap with glue...

 Like this...

 And held it tight for a few minutes while the glue cooled.

 Looks great!...can't even tell there was a problem!

 Here's the thing.
My son is 11.  These sandals have held up perfectly for 2 weeks now.
See, life changing!  Think of all the things you could fix!

 So, another example are my shoes.
Ha ha, kind of like seeing doubles!
I loved these SOOOO much when I first got them, that
I hurried and got another pair, because I knew I
would feel so sad when they broke.
And alas, they were both having difficulties!

 Tags and linings loose and floppy...
 I just lifted up the lining...

 And ran some magic hot glue around the edge...

Pressed them down tight and glued down the tags.
 Perfect!  Totally wearable again!
 The other pair lost a strap...much like my sons shoes!
 Same procedure with the glue and spatula...

 Wonderful!  My favorite shoes
 should be good for a couple more years!
 Again, think of all the awesomeness you could do with this hot glue gun!
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The Kissires said…
Awesome! Did you use these glue sticks in a regular high-temp glue gun, or do you have the official PAM HB220 gun that GlueGun.com recommends?