Barbie Doll Shoe Earrings!

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6:00 AM
 Do you have a pile of Barbie Doll Shoes that just wont stay on Barbie feet?
Or maybe some mismatched pairs?
Or maybe just a huge surplus???
Presenting the Barbie Shoe Earring!
 Perfect for that tween girl that's too grown up for playing with dolls...
You will need:
2 Barbie shoes
4 Jump Rings
2 Earring hooks
1 push pin
jewelry pliers
Use the push pin to stab a hole through the back of the doll shoe.
Give enough room that the jump ring wont tear through the top of the shoe...
but can still fit through and around it.
Then thread your jump ring through the hole and close it tight.
Then use another jump ring and connect the first jump ring and the earring hook together!
Perfect and Girly!

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Whit said…
Love the quirky style you and your daughter have. So cute! :)
Love 'em! I would totally wear them :)
Felicia said…
too cute! omg and do it with a pair of barbie boots. Where were these when I was a kid!