Doctor Who Painted TARDIS Heels!

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Doctor Who Painted TARDIS Heels!
Make a statement on your feet!
Best shoes in all of time and space!
 Doctor Who shoes!
I have wanted Doctor Who shoes for so long.
I am sure you'll want them as well!
(even my 4 year old son asked if we could paint some "not girl" shoes for him)

 I decided to go with a mismatched side the Tardis,
the other complete with bowtie!
Bowties ARE cool!

Here's what I did.
 I found some plain jane shoes at the thrift store.
I went high end on this...ha ha, actually they did end up costing almost 10 bucks!
Well, whatever...they were perfect for what I envisioned.

You might have the perfect pair of shoes in your closet right now!
Plain.  Safe.  Old lady-ish.


so you'll need shoes...any shoes should work.
(obviously canvas shoes would be great for painting...
but these faux leather ones worked like a charm!)
Spray paint/paint and fabric medium
plastic bags/painters tape
Paint brushes/pallet of somekind
Shoe clips
Fabric, hot glue/gun for bowtie
Clear coat sealer spray
 And a little fun on the heels.

Prep the shoes for painting!
I used painters tape and taped the inside edge of the shoes...
filled them with plastic bags and then taped across the top.

 I also taped up the bottom edges, because I didn't want to
paint the bottoms...and it gives it that professional "store bought" look.

 I took them out to the garage and spray painted them.
Very light coats.  I didn't want drips or cracking.
I did about 3 light coats and that gave me perfect coverage.

 You could just paint them rather than spray...but
the spray paint gives them a nice, even finish...perfect!

 Allow the paint to dry to the touch and remove the tape and plastic.
Then let them dry/cure for about 48 hours.
 Now comes the fun of painting.
I used craft acrylic paints mixed with a little fabric medium,
which wasn't necessary.
I used a picture of the tardis for reference but still wanted a sort of
sketchy I free handed it.
I used a white pen to mark the places for the windows...
but I nicked it can see where the paint wore be careful!

 I painted right across the stitching with no problems.
I was watching "Blink" during this...The Angels have the Phone box!

  And the Police Public Call Box was just
 freehand painted right on the black strip.

The suit shoe.
I used one of my Valentines to freehand the suit.
I mixed my paint on some wax paper.
I just freehanded in sort of a rose white color (mixing colors)
I didn't want it to look quite as pink as his shirt...

Added the jacket lapels and sort of a sketchy tweed sports jacket look.
As well as some buttons in white...with some gray shadows.
And some fun on the heels.

 Painting done.
Now, take those to your spray painting landing pad and clear coat them.
This will keep them in pristine shape.
Allow them to cure again about 48 hours.

Now for the bowtie.
They are cool and really complete the look of the suit shoe.
 So, you'll need 1 shoe clip.
I got mine from Amazon.

Looks like I'll be making more shoe clips soon!
 So, I just threw these together using some red silky scrap I had.
I used about an 8 by 6 inch rectangle...

 Fold it over like a tube and hot glue it together.
 Add some hot glue to the center of the tube in a zig zag...
 And fold both the edges over onto it.

 Scrunch up the center...and hot glue it in place.
 Add a thin hot glued tube strip to wrap around the
 front and glue it on the backside.

 I hot glued the shoe clip in place and then
tacked it on with needle and thread.

 I went ahead and made 2.
They are shoe clips after all and are removable and usable on other shoes!

Perfect.  Bowties are cool.
The bow just clips on the edge of the shoe, not harming the paint!

See, the COOLEST shoes ever!
I really love them.

Are you inspired to make your own?
Send me a pic if you do!  :)

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Unknown said…
Unknown said…
So nice and creative!!!..but I'm a duffer to paint !
Cecilia López said…
I love them! in fact I love all your doctor who crafts ^.^
I have a pair of black boring heels, so I might put this in practice :D
Whit said…
It would probably be my husbands dream come true for me to wear these heels lol
Holly said…
Love them! I'm not talented enough to do that, but I want some.
Unknown said…
So cute!!!! Thank you for sharing how to make them. I really want to do this project.

Law Student to Life Student
Ally said…
I love it! I also do Doctor Who shoes by my medium is Sharpie! These are mine:
Anonymous said…
In the process of making these! Just spray painted and they are looking so good!
Anonymous said…
Also, mine are flats instead of heels but they are still looking sooo cute!
Unknown said…
if you sold these you would make a lot of money i would buy them
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Don't you just want to make these and sell them in your Etsy store? I would love to buy them, but I am not talented enough to make them!
Petra said…
I really love them!

I must quote @Gina... have ever think to sell on Etsy?
You already have a customer on me! ^_^
Anonymous said…
I would be interested in purchasing a pair as well.
KarenB said…
Hi Natalie! Thanks so much for this...just finished my Doctor shoe. The tweedy lapels were a bit tricky for me, but my family said they turned out well :). THANK YOU--such fun!! My soon-to-be 17-year-old daughter will love them for her birthday. If you hear a far-off squeal Oct. 3rd, that's probably her unwrapping them: and all thanks to you!! Hahaha --Karen
EmerJa said…
I'm totally with my mouth opened, surprised with this amazing and original DIY. LOOOOVE it!! You're an artist and I'll visit you often, for sure. Just discovered your blog an, as a DIY addict, I've fallen in love with it. I do DIY tutorials on my blog too. Come and visit if you want! :)
Beth said…
I second everyone else's motions that you should sell these. I would happily pay you $50 or so (more if the supplies cost more) to make me a pair. If you don't want to open an etsy shop maybe you could email me and we can work something out (wink, wink). :)
Stinky Face said…
I want a pair! So not crafty though!! Can I pay you to make me a pair??
Unknown said…
Even though I'm a guy I really want a pair.
ZOMG, excellent! Have you had problems with the paint flaking? I've used vinyl spray dye instead of regular spray paint to dye shoes. It doesn't come off.
DKTJnCo said…
this was a great idea I did make a pair of my own but i dunno how to send you a pic :)
GetGlamr said…
that's soo cool and unique experiment with high heel shoes...!!
Live Bruno said…
loved these unique Suede Shoes ...
PinqChiq said…
so cool art work on pumps shoes ...loved the blog !!
hi! Love does shoes. Did you use regular spray paint or some special one?
100% whovian said…
I'm working on mine now
100% whovian said…
I'm working on mine now
Unknown said…
YES! I am doing this!
Unknown said…
What brand & color of spray paint did you use for the TARDIS? It looks perfect!
I can not get over how awesome your heels are, Natalie!! So glad to have stumbled upon them via Pinterest! Guess WHO I featured on my blog today? You! ;) -> ... Thanks so much for sharing your creativity and the wonderful tutorial!!
Unknown said…
Hi - I saw your shoes and loved them so much I did my own. I wore them to a film festival and EVERYONE loved them! They are my new fav shoes for sure!! BUT my paint is chipping!! I did a clear protective coat and even that is splitting, mainly where the toe bends when I walk. Any ideas on how to stop that from happening? I'm going to re-spray those areas, unless of course you have a better idea!
Unknown said…
its an awesome idea of doing creativity with the high heels...
Unknown said…
What an awesome tutorial. I've saved it straight to my DIY Bucketlist. I want to make myself a pair Doctor Who shoes too. Thank you so much for sharing this!
Thank you so much for the step by step! My friend was looking for a birthday gift for his wife and I made these for him..
Unknown said…
I am so going to make these for my daughter! So cute!