Customize your Mug with Glass Paint Markers!

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6:00 AM
 This was so fun!
Get some glass paint markers...don't just use sharpies, they will come off!
Mine are Decoart Glass Paint Markers about $3 at Hobby Lobby!
Get a mug that needs decorating!  Got mine at goodwill for 55 cents!
 You can use a pencil to sketch on your design...

 Then just go nuts with your paint markers!
Don't draw over the same area repeatedly or the paint
will get lumpy or wipe off...just fyi.

 I did blue pin notebook paper!

 And made some sketch herringbone pattern...

 You could customize this for a gift!
Hope you enjoyed it!
I love the sketchiness of it!  It would be fun to let each of your kids make one too!
Or make a matching set as a wedding gift...
Glass paint is great for surfaces of glass that wont be touching food. 
If you are doing a plate, get a clear glass plate and decorate the bottom of it.
After doodling to your hearts content...allow it to dry for 4 hours,
then bake in the oven at 375* for 40 minutes to set it!

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TheMoonAndMe said…
Ugh! I didn't know you could get glass paint markers! That would have been so much easier for what I'm working on now. I can draw much better than I can paint and I'm doing some toasting glasses for a friend. Thanks for shining a light. :)
Unknown said…
I also don't know glass paint markers are also being used for Custom Mug. Are these markers are permanent or washed away while washing?