Easy Homemade Butter!

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6:00 AM
I love to have kids help me shake up some
Homemade Butter during this time of year.
As we remember our ancestry and the way
things were done in the olden days.

You need a jar with lid (I use a mason jar)
1 marble
Heavy Whipping Cream

Pour cream in jar
It should be 1/2 full.

drop in the marble
Screw lid on tight

Let kids shake that jar...about 20 minutes until it's
 hard to hear the marble moving around.
You can sing Pioneer songs or tell stories while the kids
 take turns shaking up the jar of cream.

Then open it and spread the creamy butter on some rolls.
These ones are good.
Yummy!  (you can add salt, but we like it just like this)

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Felicia said…
I have to do this next grocery trip. The girls would have a blast and oh my tasting it on home made bread. oh yum. Thanks for sharing.