DIY Entwined MONOGRAMS using the Silhouette!

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7:00 AM

Entwined Monograms are super trendy right now...
here's a simple tutorial to DIY one with Silhouette Studio!

First you will need a fabulous Monogram font
Load it into your font folder.
Next, open up Silhouette Studio
 In "Text Style", select your new monogram kk sc font!
 Now make the first letter lowercase.
 Make the middle initial, or in my case the last name initial
 in upper case as a separate letter...not connected to the first letter
 And the last letter lower case and separate
 from the other letters as well.
 Now you can move the initials on the sides to
 overlap slightly with the large center one...
{the entwined part}

 You'll see I had to slightly skew the "n" to make it look right.
Tweak them to your liking, then select all 3...
Make them as large as you want your finished project to be...
 And while selected, click modify and WELD
 This will merge all the letters together and have it cut out as 1 image.
 Now have your Silhouette cut it out!
You can use vinyl, paper, fabric...whatever!
I used paper...pretty delicate trying to remove it...
so I recommend using vinyl and transfer tape...but it still works
This would make a great gift...maybe vinyl on a plate...or
a mug...or for the car...or framed...great for a wedding gift...

Gorgeous, and totally in my price range!

Hope you liked the tutorial!
Let me know if you end up making one!

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kathleen said…
thank you for a simple and great tutorial!!!
The Yarbrough's said…
OH just made my life so much easier!!! THANK YOU so much for your tutorial. I just made my monogram and LOVE IT!!!!