DIY Army GUN and Tool Utility Belt

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6:00 AM
My son is serious about being a tough soldier.
Really, really serious about it.
 I picked up a cheap little army toy set for him at Dollar General.
It was $5, and totally worth it.
But he needed a better carrying system.
 So, we had a 20 minute date together and made this!

 I made it very similar to these pencil cases I did around Valentine's day.

I used a strip of 1.5" webbing and some 3/4" black elastic.
I sewed the elastic on the ends and in periodic increments...
making them a little tighter than the width of the stuff he wanted to carry...
since the elastic would stretch.

 Like so.

 Since I only had 1 inch buckles...I took the ends of the webbing
and folded them over and sewed them in place.
 Like so.

 Then I could easily weave it through the buckle and sew it in place.

 20 minutes later, I was the hero and he could go back to being awesome.
 Easy enough for him to put all the pieces away...
 Not quite sure what he's checking out...

Awesome!  This would make a great gift
 for a little boy in your life!

Or you might want a little toolbelt...


He loves tough guy stuff...but if you saw this everyday like we do...
You might be obsessed too!

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