Nutrisystem Sweet Success! #Nutri5DayKit

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This post brought to you by Nutrisystem, Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine.
 Being a girl is sometimes rough.
I was a super tiny little high school girl and never had to worry about what I ate.  
I mean, I was fairly active...I'd go jogging 2 miles or so 5 days a week.
But not insane marathons or stuff like that.
I'm not that super tiny little girl anymore.
I can't eat like I used to...without the ill effects of weight gain and extreme fatigue.
And weight fluctuation is hard when raising children...pregnancy and all.
Nutrisystem sent me a 5 day Kick-Start box of food to try out!
I must say, it was a breath of fresh air!
 photo NewNSLogo_zps3e54a92e.jpg
 Look at all that great food!
Pizza, brownies, candy bars, pasta, potatoes, soup, granola,
Chocolate muffin, cookies, bagel...
All ready packaged and ready to go!
Best part is,
You can pick up a five day kit of Nutrisystem at Walmart for less than $50!
 photo NutrisystemWalmart5DayCoreKit_zpsb72d6eb3.png
This is the perfect way to Kick-Start your weight loss program!
Here's why:
Nutrisystem is training you me on PORTION CONTROL.
It's okay to eat something you like...just don't eat tons of it.
Last night, we ordered pizza...instead of eating 4 slices like I wanted to,
I ate half a slice of pepperoni, half a slice of Hawaiian...and then I left the table.
(Just the equivelant of one slice satisfied my craving for pizza,
made me happy because I wasn't telling myself no...
and I felt full after I walked away)
But this is a no brainer.  I love having my meals planned out!  
I love that everything is calorie calculated and will optimize my weight loss!
And guess tastes GREAT too!
Plus you feel like you are cheating with Chocolate Peanut Butter candy bars for lunch!
(see, it IS high school again!)
Here's an example of a lunch...
Rice with beans and sausage.
Very flavorful...yummy, and not much of it.
But a perfect 170 calories...
That's the same as this mostly empty bowl of soggy noodles...
with none of the flavor and pizzaz!  (which would you pick?)
Weight loss is a mind game.
You have to commit.  
But great Nutrisystem food and premeasured packages certainly help!
Best part.
I've lost 4 pounds this week!  :)
Can't wait to see how I look in a few months!
I've coupled good eating with:
Adequate rest
Drinking 12 cups of water daily
15 minutes of exercise daily
This is definetly something I can keep up with...
not those crazy starvation diets.
Check them out!
Nutrisystem offers tons of support and information.
Marie Osmond is a huge teeny tiny spokesman for Nutrisystem...
here's what she has to say
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