My Mother's Day Outing!

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10:00 PM
This post brought to you by Arby's.
 All opinions are 100% mine.
When I was absolutely miserable...
and expecting my third (and last) child...I had major food cravings.
 Have you ever craved something funny?
was the number 1 on my *need immediately* list.
I craved Arby's Curly Fries and Horsey Sauce!
(I only went there one time to actually fulfill my craving)
(I was sooo young back then...and that was the last time I had short hair)
I looked up knock off recipes for Arby's sauce and horsey sauce 
and put them on sandwiches and whatever I could make!  
I loved loved loved horseradish and pickles.
  After the second trimester...suddenly horseradish was BLECH!
I couldn't eat it without throwing up...
yes I had *morning* sickness all day long for 9 months!
I couldn't even think about eating it.
So, after I delivered, I didn't want it either.
It took about a full year after having baby J, that I began to get my
tastebuds for horseradish back.
I love it again.
That brings us both up to date!
We ran a bunch of errands on Saturday and decided to stop in at Arby's!
Look at the old-school right?
I haven't been to Arby's in forever...seriously at least a year and a half...
does that count as forever?
And honestly, if I am going to do fast food...I would pick Arby's.
The kids and hubby and I horked down a bunch of yummy food!
It's big.  Huge.  The buns are big and soft...not those little flimsy 
things that come with the typical fast food burger. 

And they come with extra roast beef!
There's 2 options:
Roast beef
Roast beef with swiss cheese and pickles
We got one of each ;)
I vote for the one with pickles and cheese!
Such an awesome flavor...with horsey sauce--of course!

And we might of had a bunch of curly fries, shakes
and onion rings too.
But, worst part...they are only available for a limited time,
so if you are craving something yummy,
head to Arby's and try one!
Oh my, and those triple berry shakes were super good too!

There's a big Arby’s Hawaiian Getaway Sweepstakes you can enter too!
It's a 2 person, 4 night Hawaiian getaway...
included with Surf lessons, car rental, $500 spending money and more!
Yes to that!

So, Arby's and running errands was how we
 celebrated Mother's Day together!  Hope you did something fun too!  :)
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