Dip Dyed Ombre Petal Dress!

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6:00 AM
This is a dress my daughter has wanted me to make for
 her since she was probably 4.
The Flower Fairy Dress!
This picture, drawn by my daughter, was the vision.
I was given about 10 yards of this glorious white shiny material.  
Maybe some kind of satin/nylon...?
Anyway, it was free and therefore totally in my price range!
I cut out petals in 2 different sizes.  One just slightly smaller than the other.
 (You could do whatever size petal you want...but the smaller
the petal, the more time sewing them on later...you decide!)
 Now, the fabric I used must have nylon in it...it melted perfectly!
I used a candlestick with a pillar candle...and a small flame to carefully
singe all the edges so they wont fray...and I don't have to do any extra sewing.
You'll notice it gives the petal a lightweight, slightly uneven, ruffled edge...
perfect, like a rose petal!
 Now it's time to dye.

I have done some dying before, but never with the ombre dyed effect.
It was fairly simple.

I filled my largest pot with hot water and had it simmering on the stove.
Now, you'll want to carefully read the dye instructions, as they vary depending on fabric, quantity, etc.

I added vinegar and the dye into the hot water.

I didn't want the top of the petals to dye, so I used a safety pin and pinned them all together...2 bunches, large petals and small.
That made it easy to hold onto as well.

I began by wetting my petals in hot water.

Then I dipped the petals into the pink dye bath and dipped them in and out and moved them around for 30 minutes.
 I let them hang over the edge of the pot and took pictures...
 After 30 minutes I pulled the petals out of the pot and transfered them into a bucket.  Took it over to the sink and rinsed them off.  Rinsing each petal until the water ran clear.

Then I threw them in the washing machine and
waited to start them washing for just a minute!
 I have a bunch of scrap white sheets I got for free...right in my budget!

But instead of having white underneath the petals, I soaked them in hot water and threw them in the pink dye bath before I dumped it out.  
They dyed perfectly.  I left them wadded up and dyed
 them slightly unevenly for added effect.

Then threw all the dyed items into the wash one last time...and dried them up too!

Then spent a minute ironing and remelting each petal to perfection!
 Now for the dress base.

I used pinking shears and cut all the edges so I didn't have to hem or worry about frays.

I took all the newly pink sheet material and used a t-shirt dress as a faux pattern.
I wanted the dress to fit similar to pajamas (for comfort) and ease of putting it on...so it's pretty roomy!

So, a basic square top with holes for arms and a slit with a tie for the back closure.
Neck is edged with double fold bias tape.

Then the skirt done in 4 panels to add some volume.
I sewed the sides of the top as illustrated, then sewed the panels of the skirt together...then sewed the skirt to the bodice.

Simple straight stitches, no sleeves and no zippers!  Anyone can make this!
 Next I pinned petal after petal, starting with the largest petals, onto the bottom hem of the dress.
I sewed them in place and backstitched the ends.

Onto the next row, slighly offset...pin, sew, repeat...

And repeat the process until the dress has been fully petaled!

I then used more bias tape and went back around the neck line to cover up petal tops!

Easy and fun, it has a great flow to it!
Each petal is separate and blows in the wind!
Can you see her excitement?  Perfect little Flower Fairy Dress or Costume!
Match it up with a Light green Sunhat...or a pair of sparkly fairy wings!
Add a petticoat underneath for more pizzazz!

I call this one a HUGE Fashion Success!!!
She wore it to church and everyone loved it!

Hope you liked it as much as she does!