Craftiness runs in the family!

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6:00 AM
Some days I think that with all our modern technology
 and advancements that we are forcing kids to grow up too fast! 
 And consequently keeping ourselves WAY too busy.

My daughter, now 9, is a crafter.
She loves to do projects...she got that from me...well, and her dad.
See, perfect family combination!

She'd rather do a craft than watch a show...and I am glad.
One time, when I might have been watching Downton Abbey...
she asked if she could paint her wooden Art mannequin we got at Ikea.
I said "sure, if you can do it all yourself"...great parenting!

(Side note: did you know I googled images because I didn't take a before picture...
and more commonly people spell it 'manikin'?  Clearly we aren't teaching people how to spell.)

 One episode of DA later, and she had completed her painting project!
Notice the paper crown, halo, bracelet, diamond and skirt?
She also brought me a refreshing drink...
 And painted a box she got at the dollar store.
And decorated it with Washi tape too!

She is so fun,
she always finds the smiles on the cupcakes!

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