Wooden Doublesided Backdrop!

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6:00 AM
Make a Wooden Backdrop!
It's reversible too!

I made a Reversible Wood Photo prop out of Jenga pieces here...
 But it wasn't big enough for everything I photographed...so
I knew I needed a larger background.
My hubby gave me some fabulous wood panels for Christmas
I cut 2 old yard sticks to fit...at 27 inches.

Used Elmers glue to glue them in place an
 inch and a half or so from the edge.
I did measure it...
 Set some stuff on it so it would dry flat overnight.
 Then painted one side white and stained the side with the yard sticks.
I love that the yard sticks still show...sometimes a size guide is helpful!
And it's big!
You might have noticed it in some past posts...
Tardis Rubber Stamp...

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