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Photo Blocks Puzzle Cube!

My Sister in law made us the amazing, mind-bending
death-defying photo cube for Christmas!
It has photos modpodged all around it...some photos connected in places...
so it transforms into other pictures.
I don't have a step by step...but I bet you can figure it
out by going through these images.
Starts as cube...one image on each of the 6 sides.
Opens up to a wider photo...filling all 8 cubes.
 Then that large image opens up to another large image inside!
See, MAGIC!!!

 Once folded in half again,
reveals 2 new photos that fill 4 squares each.

 Totally, epically amazing.
My kids LOVE this!  They can flip it and look at it for ten minutes straight!
 This would be a terrific MOTHER'S day
or Grandparents gift!

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Martulka said...

I love it ;)

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