Doctor Who Clara Oswald Inspired Collar Necklace!

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 Make your own Collar Necklace!
 I was inspired by Clara Oswald's dress in the latest 
Doctor Who episode: Journey to the Centre of the Tardis!
If I was going to do a cosplay, it would be of this outfit of Clara's!  Love it!

 I did some lace collars a while back...and they are simple and darling too!

Here's the basic pattern I drew out on fits an 8 by 10 sheet...
 Pick your desired fabric.  Something that doesn't have me on this!

Put the right sides of your material together and pin on the pattern
I cut it out about a half to quarter inch with pinking shears...
then traced the pattern with silver sharpie...
Sewed right along the sharpie lines
leaving a couple inches open at the top
like so...
make tiny snips around the entire thing, careful not to cut the thread you just sewed!

This will make it curve better when you flip it right side out!
Then take one side and open it up...
Turn the whole thing right side out!

Iron the collar and make sure the seam is right on the edge as you go.
Then fold over the open ends and sew them up!
I sewed around the inside of the collar too...just a simple topstitch!
Fold over the ends and sew them...
Then add a fun vintage button...
Just with a needle and thread

Sew on some elastic cord...

And it'll hook on like a necklace!

Perfect!  Great for dressing up any shirt or dress!

Love it!
Stay tuned for more great collars!

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This is very sweet. I was searching for necklace ideas for myself and came across this. Very good job!