Joys of Motherhood and 5 tips!

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I love being a mom.
I did not love being pregnant. ever.
but I really love being the mom.
I love the first time I met my newest little person
I love the first time they smile
I love waking up in the night with them 
I love the first little sound they make
Love it when they say "momma"
Love their little milestones...
 Here are my 5 tips to enjoy mothering more!
(I don't assume that I am a perfect mother)
1.       Remember what it is like to be a kid.  We were all kids!  I have a really hard time when people say “Oh, I wish I was a kid again, and didn’t have any problems”  Ya, right.  Kids have real problems.  Wondering if there is a monster under the bed, losing a racecar, accidentally peeing the bed...these are REAL problems. 
Don’t minimize what your child is going through.  Help them understand that life is full of challenges and they need to have a positive attitude to make it through life.
2.       Yell at your kids more.  Ha ha ha—right?  Do your children only hear you raise your voice when you are really raging mad?  Practice having some loud fun time with your kids!  They need to know that there is a difference...and not to be automatically trained that whenever they hear mom yelling, RUN and HIDE!  Practice loud voices and quiet voices...(I use loud and quiet, rather than saying "inside and outside" voices, because there is a time for both regardless of location)  
When my children were small, we “practiced” sitting reverently for 5 minutes every day.  This way they knew how to behave when we went places that require reverence. We also "practiced" what to do if there was an emergency and they needed to call for help!  Fire drills and other scenarios, so they realize that they need a VERY LOUD voice in the appropriate settings.
3.       Use their full name!  I have a middle name.   I only ever heard my middle name when my parents were upset with me.  The 3 name call was death!  Use your child’s name frequently…Don’t make them despise the sound of their name.   My favorite quote is “There is nothing sweeter than the sound of thine own name.” – Dale Carnegie
Now that my kids are older...2 tweens and a little boy...we pretend to write letters to each other.
They'll say "Dear mom, I love you. Love Hailee"...and I'll respond with a letter as well.
There is sweetness in using a persons name.
4.       Have fun with your children!  It’s easy to be caught in the never ending cycle of busy.  Sleep, wake up, shower, dress, eat, school, home, eat, extra-curricular activities, homework, eat, sleep...etc.  Even as a mother that homeschools all her children, it is easy to get caught up in what we have to accomplish each day.  Take time to step back and enjoy the time you have together.  Stop during the busy cycle of life, even if for just a brief minute...hold and hug your child and tell them they are amazing for keeping up with their busy life.
5.     Don’t sweat the small stuff.   Spills, messes and stains are a part of life (not just childhood).  One time my son spilled water all over the floor.  Done…there was no way to go back.  So we sat on the floor and splashed in the water.  We got towels and cleaned it up together while singing the “Clean up song”!    My proudest mom moment was when my youngest stood up on the stool in the bathroom so he could throw up in the sink.  Easy clean up!  
Messes will happen.  First birthday's sound familiar?
We know it's going to get messy!
 And all you can do is own it.  
I see this mess and think "it's mine"
 I know it's easy to clean the baby, but I am guilty of throwing away a few 
shirts in my kids day because I just DID NOT want to try and clean it.
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Anonymous said…
Your tips about motherhood are right on! Nobody's a perfect mother, but you seem to be a pretty darn good one! I really got a kick out of the 'messy face' pictures. First birthdays are definitely the best!

Thanks for the