Chinese Phoenix Wall Art in Vintage Frame!

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6:00 AM
See how I turned a shirt into AWESOME wall art!

I had a gorgeous Chinese Mandarin Collar shirt...that was...well,
made for skinny little Asian girls with no hips.
(Or any girl with no hips for that matter...not me though.)
Alas, it sat in my closet for years wishing it had a use in my life.

So, instead of the 2 of us breaking up for good...I put it to use!

 I had a vintage frame in copper.
I had the glass and foam core backing for it to.
I used the foam core as a guide to cut out my shirt...
leaving about a half inch around all the sides for tucking.
 I used a dash of spray glue and set my shirt on the foam core.
 I used hot glue to wrap and tuck the shirt 
around the back of the shirt.

 And tuck down the corners too.
  Perfect with the glass on top!
Insert and mount into frame.

And try to take a picture without too much glare!

Looks fabulous!  
Glad I can finally put this fancy Phoenix to work!

Okay, it "might" be a peacock...but I love Phoenix's!
They are my most favorite mythical there!

What do you think?
Do you have a shirt worthy of framing?

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