Mini Ornate Frame Pincushions!

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Mini Frame Pincushions!
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Pins and Needles cute, right!  :)

These would make a darling Mother's day gift or other kind of gift...
Here's what you'll need:
Mini Frame
(I found mine at Michael's...all brightly painted)
Cotton Poly fil
hot glue/gun
scissors and knife.
Take the back off the frame...remove glass/plastic
Cut some cork to fit inside the should be smaller than the frame backing.
You may need to hot glue it right on the backing and
 then trim up the cork with your knife a bit.

Once it fits (doesn't have to be pretty)
Stack another piece of cork on top of that...

Hot glue it right on top.  Not tons of hot glue...just enough to keep it in place.

Use a small ball of poly fil and sandwich it between fabric and the cork backing.

Hot glue the fabric up on the sides, all wrapped up like a present!

It's cute, and doesn't puff up too much...
I just hot glued it right inside the frame.  Let it cool, then admire it.

Ultra darling.  I made a bunch, because that is how I do things!
I've got some in my Etsy shop, if you'd rather get one that way.

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Sisson Family said…
Why didn't I think of the cork? Great idea! Kelsey and I made one and it needed a little help! We'll have to try it your way!
Anonymous said…
Ultra darling indeed. :)
Thanks for sharing!

I love your blog and I find it so interesting! ;)
Chrissy + Nate said…
So cute! I have some little frames that this would be perfect for! Thanks for the idea: pinning!

Mariel said…
So dang cute! I would love for you to share this or any of your great ideas at the link party going on now (and every Saturday through Tuesday) at 'Or so she says ...' Also, don't miss the Sweethearts Giveaway with over $2,000 in prizes. Hope to see you there!
scrappy sam said…
Wow love the little frames you guys in America are so lucky those frames are so cheap, we have nothing like them over here. Do they have a manufacturer name on them so I can see if they sell to Australia.