Dollar Store Hacks: Silhouette Cutting Mats and DIY Stencils!!!

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6:00 AM
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 I love finding things that work great for other things...from the dollar store!
Dollar Tree to be exact!
 Here's 2 fabulous things to do with these chopping mats!
2 in 1 50 cents a piece!

 They are pretty firm and sturdy plastic sheets!
9 by 12"

First one I used as a silhouette Cameo cutting mat!
Yes, I'd love to say $20!
I just used it the same as a mat without the markings.
I could easily put this right on top of my silhouette mat and use a sharpie to mark the lines!
 These are perfect for scraps and pieces of vinyl you just can't waste!
(Not good if you are cutting 12 by 12", but great for 8 by 10's or scraps of paper!) 

 Just line it up...spray with removable adhesive...

 Cut and weed!

 Hello cheap cutting mat!

 And a cute way to use up vinyl scraps!

 Next thing I did was see if the Cameo had the power to actually cut the mat!
did it?  No.  But it scored it pretty good.

 Perfect for a big Damask Stencil!

 Same technique I've used before in my DIY Stencils...

 mark the spaces that need to be cut out...that will save confusion later!
Then used an x-acto and scissors and cut out along my score lines!

 Takes a while...

 When done, use Easy Tack repositionable
spray and spray the backside of the stencil

 Find somewhere that could use a stencil...

 Stick it on...and tape the edges...

 Use a stencil brush and some paint...
 Paint it carefully...I'll admit, I didn't do the best job that I know how...but it was an "experiment"

Don't look super close...

 Pretty great for a 50 cent stencil!  I think a simpler design would work better...

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Unknown said…
I just ordered my Silhouette today, and I've been scouring the internet for any and all information/hacks I can find. Thanks for the money saving tip.
Micheal Hussey said…
Thanks to share these details it’s truly nice.
BJB said…
Any idea if it will work with the Portrait...their mat is apparently thinner? I just got my Portrait and am scared death that I will destroy my may right away.
Jessica said…
The clear contact paper in rolls at Dollar Tree works wonderfully as a stencil medium. It's sticky enough that you won't have problems with it bleeding under the stencil but it's easily re-positionable. And it cuts just like vinyl, without having to cut with scissors. Plus, you get a whole roll of it for a dollar and it can easily be used for glass etching projects and other things that need the stencil to be flexible. :)
Thanks for the tip about the mat! I use a Silhouette Portrait, so that will work perfectly :)
58 Cherries said…
Thanks for the tip. I received the same machine for Christmas and have yet to be able to use it. I do use stencils all the time, though. If I may offer a piece of advice in return - if you want your stencil to not bleed so much and for the lines to be crisp and clean - use less paint. It should be a still stencil brush and just minimum amount of paint. (I blot my brush on a paper plate until it is just a tiny bit wet). It means more pressure and effort required to stencil it on, but the results are well worth it. Just a tip as I've ruined many of my efforts by too wet of a brush.