How to make a Snowflake!

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6:00 AM
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I let my darling daughter cut a bunch of snowflakes and stick them
 right on our Christmas tree...since we were low on decorations anyway.
Well, I've had a few people that have seen the tree that
 commented that they didn't know how to make a snowflake...what???
Anyways, my 8 year old asked if she could do a
"How to make a Snowflake Tutorial" for the blog!
I love her, irresistible!
Remind you of someone?  Love this show!
 Someday we'll actually decorate like this!!!

How to make a Snowflake Tutorial:
Begin with a letter sized sheet of lightweight paper.

You'll need to make it a square.
So fold over the corner and line up the side.
Cut off the excess strip.
Now you are going to fold it up, all revolving
around the slicing a pie into 8 pieces!
Fold over and crease.

Fold 1 more time and crease.
Cut the top edge so the paper is even...either
straight across or with a slight curve.
(at this point you could open it and it should resemble
 a circle like a pie, divided into 8 peices
Now comes the designs!  Hailee just did little triangle shapes.
Once you get the hang of it, there are endless possibilities!
Just notch out triangles on both sides...
careful not to cut all the way through the flake!
Sometimes you need to wiggle those pieces out with your fingers!
A little notch in the top for a great tipped flake!
Now comes the your snowflake carefully!
The layers sometimes stick because of all the cuts, so open with care!
Ta da!
Hang them on the tree!  The lightweight paper lets the Christmas lights shine through!

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Hykel said…
Thank you SO much for that refresher course. As soon as I started folding & cutting it all came back to me. ;) I am currently working on a hanging paper snowflake winter wonderland in my dinning room.
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for this.