Fingerless Glove Arm Warmers made from Socks!

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6:00 AM
Make Super cute Fingerless Glove/Arm Warmers from Socks!
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To begin, you will need some socks.
I got these at the dollar store...they are knee length.

Start by turning your socks inside out.

Clip off the toe and a tiny circle of the heel.

About the size of a quarter...but less is more.
This will make your thumb hole.

I used some elastic lace to tighten up the holes I just cut.

Fold over about a half inch of sock and sew your elastic right to the inside there.

Like this.  Sewing this small of a tube can be tricky,
so go slow and make sure you aren't catching any layers underneath.

Like this, then do the same thing on the thumb hole...
just don't fold over as much material.
 You can leave them like this and they are good to go.

 Or...add more lace to the outside...

 And on the thumb
 So it looks like this!
 The still look kind of like socks just sitting there...
but when you put them on, they scrunch up and look GREAT!
 These Gray/Grey heart socks were done the same.

Super cute!

Have you ever wondered if it's Gray or Grey?
Here's the deal...
If it's a proper a name.
Or a Greyhound
Or...a Food irradiation...gray.
It is always spelled that way.

If it's just the color...remember this:
grAy is how it's spelled in America
grEy is how it's spelled in England

And now you know!  :)

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