Truffula Tree Pens!

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6:00 AM
Since we adore Dr. Seuss
We decided to make Truffula Tree pens too!

Simply the same technique as these baker's twine pens 
but with brightly colored yarn!
 These would be ultra cute-astic at a Dr. Seuss Lorax themed party!
Writing perfection! 
Getting the kids involved!
I let my 8 year old daughter wrap as many pom poms as she wanted!
I slide off the yarn, tied it off, cut the yarns and
 then had her fluff the pom poms!
She was in 'Helping Heaven'!
 I then glued on her pom pom and started wrapping the
 yarn down the pen and let her finish it off!
    I double doggy dare you to just make 
pom pom pen!
No really, I bet you can't stop at just 1!  :)
  Great gift ideas--cute to top off a present like a bow!
Super cute with a journal from the dollar store...
Teacher gift for Christmas...
Great for year book signing day...
Valentines pens instead of candy...
Friend gift for Christmas or Seasonal Holidays...
Neighbor gift...



Anonymous said…
Ohhhh my cuteness!! this is perfect for a Lorax party. 'm visiting for the 1st time. See my blog here: ~Nancy~
alinagr said…
how did you glue it on the bottom?
Toppy Toppy said…
I love the ombre colored yarn. Which brand did you use?
KaitlinManness said…
How do you make the pompom? I don't fully understand.