Perfectly Girly First Aid Kit!

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6:00 AM
Here's the perfect First Aid Kit to throw in your purse!
And it's cute too!
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I made 2 because my hot pads came in a 2-pack!
Make one for you and one for your mom for Christmas!
Here's what you'll need to make it!
*Hot Pad
 (I got 2 ugly ones at the dollar store, 
and then covered them in damask material scraps)
*Plastic sealable bags that are about the same size as the hot pads
*Sewing machine
*Big button
*First aid or other supplies!
Here I stitched a new cover for my hot pads...
handstitched on a big button so it lines up with that loop thing.
I used some teal ribbon and hot glued it on for cuteness!
I used 4 plastic bags and alternated the opening sides...
Stitched it down the center
Carefully, they slip!
Cut the useless piece off about an inch to the seam...
Filled with the essentials.  The REAL emergency stuff!
Knife, pen, gum, tampon, toothbrush,
hair ties, saftey pins, bandages, nail clippers,

Antiseptic, burn cream, tylenol, mini bandages
(cuz they are way cuter)

Here it is full!

Love it!

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Brilliant! I need one of these, thanks for sharing the tutorial at The Fun In Functional!
Just wanted to let you know I featured this today on my blog! You can check it out and grab a Featured button here:
Unknown said…
Really cute! Creating your own first aid kit will surely save you money as opposed to buying one from a store. I’m really excited to make my own custom-designed first aid kit. I also plan to train for basic life support and CPR to make sure that I’m well prepared for any emergencies.

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Unknown said…
I like that.I want to have these kind of First aid kit
also. So really lovely and stunning.Thanks for featuring this.
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