My Snowy Owl!

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6:00 AM
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I needed to make an owl.
I found a cartoony picture I loved and printed a couple copies off...
cut out 1 completely...1 cut into pieces.
Traced the outline onto some scrap pine.
Traced the other layers onto thin mdf board

Used the bandsaw to cut them out!

 Painted a thin layer on the layers...then took them to the garage
to spray paint them...

Painted the beak and feet yellow!

Used a sharpie to draw out the lines of the owl.
 painted the eyes...stacked it to see how it looks...
Then I used some glitter paint and filled a few places...

hot glued a ribbon on the back...
 Hung in a vintage frame for a perfect little addition to the Halloween entryway!

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Unknown said…
Awesome!! Love the owl :)
Anonymous said…
Love the owl! He turned out great.