ACU Pumpkin head DUMMY!

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6:00 AM
Who's the Dummy???
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My hubby is so fun...and he's in medical training...
so he built the perfect dummy.
First he constructed the skeleton!
We used PVC pipe that we had gotten for free...
he used rings and pliers to connect the pieces.
He was pretty least the major bones...and he made them
the same dimension as his own it looks like him sitting there!
  Then we found a junky comforter that was in the yard sale pile...
He cut and wrapped the skeleton.
Funny that it is "muscle tone" color!
Then dressed the dummy in old ACU's...
Added a pumpkin basket as a head! (Pumpkin basket $1)

And a witch hat--then we swapped out the hat a few times...
There's a light inside the head as well that lights the whole orb bright green!
But don't be too sure that it's a dummy...
Because, my hubby also altered this:
Amazing right?  You can't even tell that the eyes have been cut out...
 So...which one is the dummy???
 Freaky right?
Would you come to our front porch?

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