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6:00 AM
When I get sad,
I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead.
True story.

Okay this week we scoured Walmart's clearance school supply section...
we beheld these stickers and glitter tattoos!

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What's so special about them?
Only the fact that they use MY FONT on them!
Yes, Pea Noodle's Girlfriends!
If you don't already have this font, get it while it's free!
Okay, it'll be free forever...but it's a good one!

I have seen my font all over blog land and cyber world
and it's super flattering and awesome...
but to actually see it on stickers at the store was
Plus accompanying cutesy cupcakes!

Yes, they are from CHINA...

Hence the spelling errors...

Here too...

Still super cool and so fun to see! And I bought a bunch!
Like $5 worth! :)
And, I don't ever buy kids tattoos...but I had to get these ones.
They lasted about an hour on the kids before they wanted it off...

Feel free to comment on my coolness and famousness! :)

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Orange said…
That is AWESOME! I think you are destined for even more famous-ness! Love it :)
AguasGirl said…
Holy Crap that is cool! I can't believe that your font would be used in a factory! You Rock!