DIY Mason Jar Straw Lids

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6:00 AM

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Make your own fabulous straw holding Mason Jar lids!

You will need 9/32" rubber grommets.
I got these at Home Depot in the hardware section 97 cents each.

I used my scrapbooking Crop-a-dile to punch a hole in the lid.

Near the side.

Then just insert the rubber grommet

Pull it through the other side...

Like so.

I used plastic reusable straws from the dollar store...they are PERFECT!

I love drinking from jars...and I think it helps my kids to
drink more ice water when they have something fun to drink from!

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Mo said…
This is a great idea!
Jocelyn said…
Ok, so I have a cropodile, but I would never have thought about using it on mason jar lids!!! This is awesome!!!
Michelle said…
Which cropodile did you use.I am thinking of try it out to make the jar that you put soap in.
Kate said…
Oh my gosh I can't believe I almost just paid $7 for one of these! Can't wait to make it with jars I already have! Thanks!
Bret and Jenn said…
What could you use besides a Cropodile? Thoughts?
Unknown said…
Just drill a hole through the lid.