Upcycled Painted Keyboard Rocket Console!

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6:00 AM
But here is where the inspiration came from:

When I was little, I loved to pretend to type...and keyboards
weren't around like they are today, so I would draw out 
squares onto a piece of cardboard and pretend I was typing.

I figured my kids would love the same thing.
But I awesome-ized it.
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About 8 years ago...
I took a broken "got water dumped on it"
 keyboard and cut the cord off of it!

I used acrylic craft paint and painted that whole thing!
 The base I did black, the keys multicolored...
Then I spent hours handpainting little things on each key!

 I wanted to simulate the inside of a rocket, spaceship, or 
other machine that would require lots of blinking buttons! 
 Perfect for my little almost 2 year old boy!
I made gun buttons, graphs, people, food, animals, brakes, 
fuel and of course, The BIG RED BUTTON!
 It looked great the day I made it...and even
 though it is worn, it is still a favorite!
Could use some sprucing up...maybe.

Here is child #3 with it...8 years later!
(oh ya, child #2, my daughter, loved/loves it too!)



Oh my gosh I can't believe you painted all that BY HAND! It looks fantastic, thanks so much for sharing at The Fun In Functional!
AguasGirl said…
Wow.. that was 8 years ago... I remember you doing it and I believe I painted a few keys too. How fun! Glad to see it is still in use. :)
This is SO cool! What kind of paint did you use? Acrylic?
Unknown said…
That looks so cute and fun! It's a great way to upcycle keyboards as well! I found you through a Glimpse Inside's link party :) Although I found you through my personal blog, Revolutionaries, I write for a website called Crafting a Green World as well. Every month they do a Green Crafts Showcase where they feature upcycle/repurposed/recycled projects-- you should enter!

-Bonnie @ Revolutionaries
My kids always loved stuff with buttons! What a brilliant idea. Thanks so much for linking up on Fabulous Friday at Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust.

Warmly, Michelle
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Oh my, you are one talented girl, Natalie. These keyboards are awesome, and it is hand painted! I think you’re going to inspire lots of ‘do-it-yourselfers’ out there and that these amazing artworks are going to motivate theme-customized and awesome-ize not just their computer keyboards, but most probably, the other computer parts.

Lance Vartanian
Anonymous said…
That is one colorful keyboard, Natalie! Each key is unique and artsy. It goes to show that you can apply your creative juices on different things – and that includes the keyboard! [Benita Bolland]
Ruby said…
Big red button WARNING! Hahahaha! Cool! You’re indeed an artistic woman, Natalie! My kids would definitely draw their attention to it once they see something like this. I love it especially the space button. ♪under the sea… Hehehe!

Ruby Badcoe
Anonymous said…
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