Pom Poms: a "how to" tutorial!

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Make your own Pom Poms!
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I take a strip of cardboard...2 inches wide
 (doesn't matter how long)
and wrap your bakers twine, yarn, 
embroidery floss, thread, rope...around it.
 Keep wrapping!
The bigger pouf you want it to have, the more you need to wrap it!
I say about 100 times...or so.

When it is bulky enough,
carefully slide off the cardboard, keeping it bundled.
Take some wire, more yarn or twine, or a twist tie, 
and wrap it tight around the center of the bundle.
 Then cut those loops carefully.  
Essentially you will have a bundle of about 2 inch pieces, 
so don't pull hard or you will pull out your yarns.
 Should look like this.  Then you will need to trim that pom pom.
Cut the yarns to form a ball. 
Now we have a pom pom on a wire...
or string if you tied it off with yarn!
Now, you will want to make a million pom poms!

Here's another approach with forks...
these make smaller pom poms!
 Here's another easy way to make MINI pom poms!
Pom Poms made on forks tutorial!
 Wrap twine or string around a fork...
It's got to have 4 tines, or it just doesn't work right!
Wrap a wire around the center of the twine...
 Slide off the fork
 Cut the loops with scissors...
  Trim the pom pom...
 The pom poms only make balls the width of the forks...
They are cute and small...

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ruready2craft said…
Now that I see this, I remember making them in summer camp. I had totally forgotten. Thanks for the memories.
Using forks is such a great idea! I would love for you to share it at Snips & Spice Sunday Slice.