DIY Tulle Pom Poms!

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6:00 AM
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 Here's a bigger pom pom tutorial!
Made of Tulle.
Check out this pom pom tutorial first, then you'll get the idea!

Start with 2 pieces of cardboard the same size...
circular with a hole in the center.
 Get some twine or yarn and tie an overhand knot loosely.
place it on one piece of cardboard like so.
Place the other piece of cardboard over the top of the string.
 wrap tulle around the edge and through the center...over and over and over!
When it is full (or you run out of tulle), cut the edges between the cardboard.
Don't cut your twine!
 Pull that twin tight to tighten that knot.
Then tie in a second knot.
Slip the tulle pom pom out the center hole and fluff it up!
Okay, that was fun, but way too much work for me!
Here's a simpler way.
just like the pom poms.  Use a rectangle piece of cardboard.
wrap around over and over.
Slide off the cardboard, tie in the center with twine or yarn.
 Cut those loops...

 Trim and fluff!
Bunch them with balloons and tissue paper
 balls for the perfect decorations!

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Charlotte said…
These would be great for a baby or bridal shower!
I love tulle so I find these totally adorable. TFS!