Blue tinted Mason Jars

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6:00 AM
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 I upcycled a bunch of jars...
Mason jars, little bottles and whatever glass jar I had laying around!
 I used Elmers glue, because we have a flipping gallon of it!
Seriously.  We bought this elmers glue 11 years ago for some
 Halloween costumes...paper mache stuff...and we still have half of it!
And it's still good!

Okay, memory lane closed.

mix some food coloring in with the glue or mod podge...
pour into jars...swirl around and pour out...back into the paint cup.
 Let them drain upside down on wax paper for about 5 minutes.
ALOT of blue glue will drain out!
Then move onto a cookie sheet with fresh wax paper.
 Bake in oven for 30 minutes...400* F
Will dry it completely and turn it translucent!
 Any goopiness on the bottle rim should just peel off...
If there is a problem, or chunks and streaks...
you can easily soak in water and clean off!

Not water proof variety...but I never have fresh flowers
 or anything that needs to be water whatev!

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Anonymous said…
Love that these came out translucent! I did this exact same thing as a blog post last week but mine came out different. You can check it out at
I am also your newest follower!
Way cool! I always wondered how they got the color to be clear... :-) Thanks so much for sharing this at The Fun In Functional!
I tried this and mine came out horribly but I watered down my modge podge (I have no idea why!) I'm going to try it again because yous look awesome!
Mackenzie said…
So fun! I love how great they turned out and how easy it was to do! Thanks! We would love to invite you to join us on Saturday Show & Tell on Cheerios and Lattes! I know my readers will love all your kid friendly ideas! Have a great weekend!
Mackenzie :)
Renee V said…
Love this, thanks!
Excellent job! Sometimes the simple ideas are the ones no one thinks of but I'm so glad YOU did and you shared it with us. I suppose jars that don't come out so well can be filled with water, disolved (or peeled off) and done over, right?
Unknown said…
What temp do you bake these on??
Beth said…
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Beth said…
mine didn't really come out translucent, but they still came out cool. A LOT of glue came out on the cookie sheet in the oven. glue ran from the bottom so the bottom of the glass is clear and the top is blue. Any idea what I did wrong? What temp did you do?
Mary said…
Thank you so much for this tutorial! I can't wait to make some for myself. I think I'll finish mine off with clear spray paint to make it water proof. Love it!

Mary (not the google account that shows up - there wasn't a name/url option)
I love this project, Nat. I'd love to give it a try someday. {I'll add it to my looong list!}

Warmly, Michelle
Unknown said…
I did this today, baked in oven for 30 at 400...just as stated...and mine came out streaked and had bubbles...not sure what happened..but we're using them for a Halloween lantern so they will be fine for that....
Liz said…
I just tried this and smoked out my house with only one jar! It smoked so much I couldn't finish the project. I didn't have extra glue...did just as directed. End product after 15 min of cooking was streaked and bubbled.
duklvr said…
The Elmer's glue way just makes a big mess! I sprayed insides of old mayo jars with glass spray, it comes in several colors and had perfect results!
Hannah said…
I absolutly love this project! I put my own twist on it and put it on my blog (giving you credit of course!) because I just love the idea!
I started this crafts and cooking blog in March but no-one has read it yet :( I'd love it if you could give it a read and tell me what you think, but don't worry if you don't want to. You can delete this comment.

Thanks for reading, and keep posting these great craft ideas! I love them!
MStevenson said…
That is awesome!
Fluster Buster said…
I love the way these turned out! I want to make some for my front porch, just not sure what I'll put in them yet!

Robin @ Fluster Buster
Tracy said…
After experimenting with this about six times, I have found that instead of wax paper (as described in the directions), you need to use PARCHMENT PAPER. Also, 30 minutes at 400 degrees IS WAY TOO LONG to bake these. 4 minutes @ 400 degrees is plenty. Also, don't overlap your edges when painting on the Mod Podge - this creates thick seams and bubbles - just nice, light coats next to each other. Good luck! After I made these changes, they turned out beautifully.
Unknown said…
Nice post!! This is awesome.I am going to do them myself.