Mermaid Dress up upcycled from prom dress!

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6:00 AM
My daughter loves the fact that I dressed
 her like a mermaid when she was 9 months...
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 Ever since then she's wanted mermaid costumes...
I've tried.
And it's been 3 years since and she still wants 
a mermaid costume!

I found an old formal dress at a yard sale for $1.
The price was right, so I dared try again...

I don't have a before pic...but it's not 
a stretch of the imagination...

I cut the top bodice off the skirt.
I took out the padding...and tried to 
take in the front chest region...
She still looks a little busty, and secretly she probably likes it!
I sewed the skirt and did an elastic casing...we still rolled 
the elastic a couple times because it was trippy long.

She wore it grocery shopping with me.
A little girl sitting a cart, said "mom, she's a mermaid!"
It was just what we wanted to hear!
It doubles as a Jasmine costume dress up too!